Why should your school use an applicant tracking system?

James Stovall

The process involved in searching for new teachers may leave you with a mess of resumes, offer letters and job posting administration. This can get extremely overwhelming and reduce the efficiency at which you find the perfect candidates for the job. Don't let your filing systems and email Inbox overflow and wreak havoc on your recruitment strategies – consider investing in a cloud-based applicant tracking system. 

These innovative systems have the potential to streamline the teacher recruitment process, saving you time and energy while increasing workflow organization to keep promising candidates happy. If you're deciding whether to invest in an ATS, take note of these benefits and the impact they can have on your school. 

1. Fewer administrative costs 
Traditional recruitment procedures involve tasks like data entry, posting openings to job boards and extensive communication between recruiters and candidates, which are not only time-consuming, but require high personnel expenses.

Investing in an ATS will reduce the number of staff members required to handle these recruitment tasks. This will ultimately save your school money, resulting in high return on investment while improving your cost per hire.

"A cloud-based ATS integrates multiple systems into one."

2. Integrated workflows
With cloud-based ATS software, all aspects of your traditional workflow are centralized and integrated in one organized system. One ATS can replace multiple systems, such as those used for job distribution and applicant tracking. Cloud-based systems also offer enhanced flexibility for data retrieval and real-time updating of essential information.

3. Store promising resumes
Although you may not select certain candidates for the current teaching position, this doesn't always mean that you don't want to consider them at a later time when a new role becomes available. ATSs store resumes within the system and will flag them for another role down the road if the candidate is an appropriate fit. 

This will prevent your school from missing out on the opportunity to add qualified teachers to its staff, which happens a lot with traditional recruiting strategies where old resumes are often lost after they're rejected for one job.

4. Provide detailed candidate reports
Schools that implement an ATS will receive detailed reports on all potential candidates. You'll also have access to applications at each stage of the hiring process as well as the source of the application.

An ATS will highlight which applicants have high placement success rates, while taking into account compliance legislation and requirements. You will also be better able to measure how successful your recruitment processes are, which comes in handy when future job positions open up.

5. Improve candidate experience
Implementing an ATS will allow recruiters to set clear, specific qualifications and standards for candidates that the system will search for and recognize when sorting through resumes. This is an efficient way to select the most ideal candidates for the job. Standard candidate recruitment processes can take so much time that candidates often feel unimpressed by the company. 

As the amount of time that it takes to review applications is drastically reduced with an ATS, the most promising and qualified applicants are less likely to choose another job opportunity and withdraw their applications from the mix. You will be able to keep candidates engaged throughout the process, getting them in for an interview quicker. 

An ATS will get school's in touch with high-quality employees quicker than traditional recruitment processes.An ATS will get your school in touch with high-quality employees faster than traditional recruitment processes.

6. Prevent compliance concerns
There are multiple lawsuits that a company is at risk of during the recruitment process. An ATS will work to protect your school from being accused of such compliance issues. Most systems automate the hiring processes to ensure that they are compliant and meet diversity standards.

If your school is ever under question, the ATS will quickly provide you with data like diversity statistics if needed.