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2015 will be the year of mobile HR resources

At the turn of the new year, many people begin planning their resolutions for a number of life goals, such as giving up sugary drinks or hitting the gym more frequently. This movement offers the perfect opportunity for charter schools…

What kind of health care funds should teachers receive?

Whittling down the options to choose the best charter school benefits for teachers can pose a significant challenge to many administrators. From retirement funds to voluntary dental plans, the human resources department has its hands full finalizing the specific components…

How can administrators prioritize teacher wellness in 2015?

Employee wellness is critical for any employer and has become a popular topic in the last few years.

Survey shows employers will still offer health coverage in 2015

Many institutions will include health plans as part of teachers’ charter school benefits.

School administrators should craft effective social media policies in 2015

Charter schools have to implement specific social media policies for teachers to ensure that they are using the services responsibly while under administrators’ direction.

Review managers' performance using faculty input

Many charter schools include employee performance reviews as part of their human resources policies.

How important is teacher performance management and measurement?

Teacher performance reviews are an essential aspect of human resources at charter schools.

Should charity work lead to additional PTO for teachers?

Should teachers be rewarded added paid time off for charitable work as part of their charter school benefits?

Charter schools should offer teachers incentives for using technology

From tablets to smartphones, handheld devices are prolific throughout society with people of all ages.

How will insurance premiums affect charter schools in 2015?

One of the most challenging aspects of maintaining comprehensive charter school benefits is providing extensive health insurance coverage to teachers.