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Stop teachers from leaving by focusing on their needs

Charter schools achieve strong results for their students by offering them alternatives to the traditional classroom that foster more creativity and self-expression than public institutions.

How do charter schools establish inclusive admissions policies?

Many education institutions around the country have to develop and establish specific enrollment policies that practice inclusion more so than exclusion.

How do senior leaders establish effective compliance programs?

When establishing and overseeing an effective charter school, administrators have to implement comprehensive compliance guidelines that are clear to all staff members.

Conduct extensive research when negotiating teacher salaries

It's undeniable that education is the foundation of the U.S., but teachers' salaries often fall by the wayside of acceptable compensation. With the development of hundreds of charter schools across the nation, educators transitioning to new systems are priming for…

Innovative benefits that can improve teacher satisfaction

Teachers who are employed at any educational institution can receive a wide variety of benefits that cover a range of needs. From the typical three months off in the summertime to comprehensive health insurance coverage, charter school benefits can be…